Project 01

Hungary classic cars

The more than hundred years old Velodrom of Budapest needs a rebirth. Since 2011, twice a year this unused bicycle track shows something from its glory while hosts clashing and noisy classic cars and vintage motorcycles. . Two years ago a group enthusiast motorists organized their first ever meeting here. They called classic car owners, possible with vehicles more than 30 years old to gather together for a unique event to bring life again into the forgotten Velodrom. Today it’s a 4th such an event. Every time the motor fiesta attracts more and more people, thousands visit the event where around 200 classic cars and motorcycles were present. As the structure of the Velodrom is very old, only vehicles lighter than 1000 kg can be driven around, others have to stay on the middle of the oval track. From the Afla to the Zündapp, from Torino to Detroit, legends of the motor history are seen here.